Tourist attractions include:

1. Ita oba: A festival to behold as it attracts almost all the indegienes of Ajasse Ipo with various activities such as traditional dance, competitions and relaxation

2. Egungun (Masquerade) festivals

3. Odo Osin (River) which was thought to have been human before she turns to a river. The major source of the river is Ila-Orangun in Osun State.

4. Oba Igba: A man who did not die but reduce to a day old baby size. Kept in a calabash, no one should look inside the calabash till date.

5. Odu Ajasse Ipo

6. Central Ifa temple

7. Esu

8. Afin Oba palace beautifully built and decorated by Ex-Governor of Kwara State "Governor Muhammed Lawal".

9. Comprehensive High School Fish pound

and many other attractions