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Ajasse Ipo
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Considering the number of people that visit Ajasse Ipo during Ileya and Ita-oba day, i began to wonder how beautiful it would have been if we have such large number of citizens on a normal day. What is causing this? i am sure people will say "we are all away to Lagos or any other cities to hustle for a livng". Ajasse Ipo is presently conprise of aged women and men with no youth wanting to stay back home. Come to think of it, dont we have billionaires who can create job in Ajasse Ipo? or is our rich men and women not ready to establish any in Town. What do you think is the problem?

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sulaimon lawal Soltech
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lets pray that God should put it in there mind for them to be able to invest and build a company/industry in Ajasse ipo

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Jimoh, Tajudeen Taiwo
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The major problem of setting up businesses in the town is most NEPA or Electricity Power Supply. Just like in all parts of Nigeria. We need to first sort out an independent Power Supplier to help in the whole of our State generally.

We equally need to do allot networking , so that the sons, daughters and friends can come home and establish businesses .

Ajasse-ipo does not have a single BANK, i am not talking of community bank, whereas Offa has close to TEN commercial banks.

We have people who are ready to set up small businesses , lets us all come with how best to redress the above.

Suprisingly, the last time i was at home no single CYBERCAFE, EATERY, even a single two star Hotel , not talk of SIT OUT. Thanks.


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